Management Team

We take immense pleasure to introduce you with our Fertility Care India Team. They all are dedicated to their work. Team is available from Monday to Saturday 10:00AM to 7:00 PM. Our team has excellent coordination and always stands on their responsibilities respectively. They put the given assignment in gear very promptly with their experience & dedications. They update database, legal documents, and medical reports etc on daily basis. They look after the management of surrogacy & egg donation program very well.


Saurabh Kumar

Mr. Saurabh Kumar

Mr. Saurabh Kumar is the founder of Fertility Care India. He is Graduate in Science Stream from Magadh University. He started Fertility Care India in the middle of 2008 with the corporate office in New Delhi, India. He has been practicing for the same since 2007. Mr. Saurabh has devoted his strength to this Surrogacy & Egg Donation Program. He meets each and every egg donors & surrogate mothers and describes them all the steps of further treatment. Whenever we recruit any surrogate mother or egg donor in our program, he answers all of their queries such as treatment schedule, medications, consultation with the medical team etc.

Mr. Saurabh is available for 24*7. If any emergency take place then Mr. Saurabh takes initial step to organize things ahead. He also conducts counseling for surrogate mothers & egg donors three times in a month. He guides them through all the steps of surrogacy & egg donation. Mr. Saurabh also brief them the importance of this journey for intended parents.

He is emotionally attached to this work & personally involved in each & every activity just like surrogate mothers & donors’ routine checkup & discussion with medical team, test report, & extra consultation etc.

His main aim is to deliver happiness with successful outcome.

Support Team

Gaurav Raj

Mr. Gaurav Raj is the head of support team. He distributes work assignments to the team & assists Mr. Saurabh in his day to day work. He looks after the maintenance of programs that supports our ongoing commitment to our Intended Parents. If any of team members has any confusion then Mr. Gaurav provides guidance and recommendations for problem. He sets weekly meeting with the team to set further goals. He has been working with Fertility Care India since its inception.

Vishal Vikram

Mr. Vishal Vikram - Management Head

Mr. Vishal is the head of Management. He also works with Mr. Gaurav & has been working with Fertility Care India since its inception. Mr. Vishal is very well aware to look after system management. He participates to the initial part of the program which includes surrogate mothers & donors’ interview. Their screening test with the medical team. He also keeps close eye on their legal documents & verifies the same accordingly.

Whenever any surrogate mother or egg donor takes interest to be a part of our surrogacy & egg donation program then Mr. Vishal is on the top of their list to be contacted. Every surrogate mothers & egg donors are being interviewed by Mr. Vishal & Mr. Gaurav.

Saroj Kumar Singh

Mr. Saroj Kumar Singh - Treatment Coordinator

He coordinates with the medical team for surrogates & donors’ ongoing treatment. He looks after the medicine schedule for all the surrogate mothers & egg donors who are participating in the program & pregnant surrogates as well.

Mr. Singh updates their medicine & treatment chart on daily basis after discussing the same with medical team. As per obstetrician’s advice he organizes the schedule of ultrasound scan of pregnant surrogates on daily basis. He also coordinates with nursing staff for providing all the medication to surrogates & donors on time.