Social Worders

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the hidden members of the Fertility Care India Team. We have a strong team of social workers.

We, the Fertility Care India Team are made up of over 40 members of staff working to provide a wrap around surrogacy service, as a single team to fulfill the dreams of our clients to become parents. The majority of our team are based in Delhi, Their teams meet with surrogates and their families on a daily basis at the surrogate housing.

They look after the daily up-keep of the studio apartments and ensure that the surrogate and their families have all their needs met. Fresh Food, drinkables and supplements are provided every second day for all in the apartment. If a surrogate chooses to have her children with her (often the case for younger children) then a second family member must be available to provide care.

In the past this has meant that the social workers have also assisted in facilitating the medical care and treatment of extended family members staying at the apartments, organised enrolment, uniforms and school runs for school aged children and assisted with on site child care, organised transport for extended families to visit and facilitated recreational activities.

Here are some of our great social workers photographs. Let’s take a look :

Beena Tyagi
She is the head of Fertility Care India social workers. She assigns all day to day works to the entire team. Bina organize interesting events at surrogate home to give emotionally support to our lovely surrogate mothers. If any of surrogate mother has something to share with, to discuss with the Bina is the right person.

Sweta Thapa
She takes care of the admitted surrogate mother in the hospital. She has team of 7 more people who look after all the arrangements for admitted surrogate. They ensure that there is nothing left which our surrogate mother should have in the hospital. They always try to delivery best comfort zone to our surrogates.

Anu Khan
Anu khan and her team assist surrogate mother during her visit to the clinic for routine checkup, ultrasound and other investigation.

Mamta Sharma
Mamta is one of Fertility Care India senior social worker. She verifies that assigned work is getting complete on time. On weekly basis she sits with surrogate mothers and they have discussion about various topics related to pregnancy itself.

Sunita Verma
Sunita and her team keep very close eye on surrogate mothers’ day to day activity and report to Ms. Bina on daily basis. We always make sure that none of our surrogate mother feel themselves alone so Ms. Sunita and team develops friendly environment in surrogate home.

Amrita Vishkarma
Ms. Amrita and her team organize the meals on daily basis. They ensure that healthy food is getting delivered to all our surrogate mothers. They organize inspections before giving meal to the surrogate.