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Surrogate Mother Applications

Filing an Application:First of all if somebody wants to become a surrogate mother then she needs to apply for it. This application can be registered online or in person at the clinic. During this application a surrogate mother is required to provide her complete details. Let’s have a look at some of the information part:

Application Form

* Mobile No :
* Marital status :
* Date of All Marriages :  DD/MM/YYYY
* Date of Any Divorces :  DD/MM/YYYY
* Number of Pregnancies and
Date of Each :
* Did you require any medications or
doctor's assistance in order to conceive?:
Yes No
* If yes, please explain :
* Your Height:
* Your Weight :
* Age :
* Your Hair Color :
* Your Eye Color :
* Your Education :
* Please describe your hobbies, favorite activities, clubs, etc.:
* Please describe any special skills, abilities, or talents that you may have:
* Please explain why you want to be a surrogate:

Documentation:Once application is accepted by the agency then it is necessary to check all the documents ( just as marriage certificate, divorcee certificate and widow certificate etc as these certificates are required for baby’s passport and visa work so it is agency’s responsibility to ensure that each and every documents are available as per the requirement ), address verification. Medical background etc.

Legal Agreement: When all necessary documents are available and agency is satisfied then it’s time to move forward for legal agreement. This legal agreement will be signed between both the parties. This agreement contains all the details for surrogacy pregnancy & compensations terms will also be defined in surrogacy agreement.

Medical procedure starts:A surrogate mother get prescribed for the medications which helps her to get ready for embryo transfer.

Pregnancy Test :Once embryo transfer is done then your pregnancy test will be held in two weeks time. The agency provides all the facilities to the surrogate mother like meals, clothes, housekeeping services etc. Staff of social workers and coordinators is always available to look after each and every surrogate mother.

Delivery :After 37 weeks, we can expect surrogate mother’s delivery anytime. She undergoes some checkups and monitoring so that medical team can take further actions accordingly.

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