Surrogate Mother Compensations

Surrogate Mother Compensations….this is the time when a surrogate mother can build up her own dreams. Surrogacy completes not only intended parents’ dream, however, financial compensations gives a chance to the surrogate mother to complete her lifelong dream.

Fertility Care India delivers a complete package of joy and services.

When any one is planning to be a parent through surrogacy then he must be having this questions in his mind “How Much is a Surrogate Mother Compensated “.

While surrogacy is an incredible gift to give another family, the compensation a surrogate mother is received can be a tremendous benefit to her own family as well.

Being a surrogate mother is very strong decision which includes mentally and physical activities both. She needs to undergo many medical monitoring, medications and checkups etc.

As per our survey which was done for all Fertility Care India Proven Surrogate Mothers we noted that they used their compensation for below things :

  • Some of them started their own business.
  • Some sent their babies back to School.
  • Some have done Fixed Deposit for their babies.
  • Some have bought new home at their native place.
  • Some have achieved their lifelong dream.
  • Some have paid the loan from which they had been suffering since very long.
  • There are many other ways where surrogate mother use her compensation and make their life beautiful.
To make them feel more financial comfortable, we have divided this in four stages:
  • Stage 1: First payment is paid at the time of Embryo Transfer.
  • Stage 2: Second Payment is paid on the day of heartbeat scan.
  • Stage 3: A surrogate mother is also compensated on monthly basis till the time of delivery.
  • Stage 4: Full and final payment is paid after delivery.

During 9 months of pregnancy and recovery period which take place after delivery, we keep our all surrogate mothers in SURROGATE HOME which includes many different apartments where we provide the best service maternity clothing, meals and housekeeping.

Surrogate Mother Compensation