Surrogacy Nutrition

We understand the need of Nutrition during every surrogacy pregnancies. Fertility Care India has a great team of physician, obstetrician and nutrition therapist who look after all our surrogate pregnancies. FCI's surrogate mothers undergo several checkups with them so that they can take needed action as per their pregnancy demand.

Our Nutrition therapist has divided this surrogacy nutrition in four sub-groups as below:

  • Prenatal nutrition counseling: Prenatal nutrition group include the healthy and daily diet before pregnancy.
  • Nutrition during Pregnancy: This sub-group Nutrition during pregnancy we ensure that we are giving them best pregnancy diet which includes the special weight concern (underweight/ overweight ).
  • Special needs during Pregnancy: Third sub-group special needs during pregnancy includes the nutrition for singleton / twins. This group of nutrition helps them to manage their morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and gestational diabetes.
  • Nutrition which are given after Pregnancy