The Donor Process

We try our level best to make our all Egg donors comfortable because we understand that egg donor process includes mentally and medical activities.

Medical and Psychological Evaluation
Become Egg Donor

This is the initial stage when you are thinking of becoming an egg donor. To move further you are required to contact the clinic with whom you have decided to do egg donation. Once your application is acceptable then you will have to undergo medical and psychological evaluation. Reports take around 72 hours time to come. If medical team get satisfied with the reports then you will need to visit the clinic to understand how further tasks will take place.

NOTE: You must take precautions to remain free from sexually transmitted diseases at all times during your enrollment.

Profile to be sent to Intended Parent

As we know that egg donation is anonyms in India, therefore, the representative will take your information which will be share with Intended Parents later. Clinic can share limited part of information with intended parents such as below :

  • Photo
  • Age, height, complexion
  • Education level
  • Reason of doing egg donation
  • Hobbies and are of interest
  • Marital Status etc

These are the general information which are provided to the parents so that they can select the appropriate donor.

Legal Agreement

Once you got selected by intended parents for their cycle, you will be then required to sign the consent and agreement with the clinic.

Egg Collection

Once legal formalities are done and you have passed the medical examination then IVF specialist will start your treatment from day 1 of your cycle to stimulate your ovaries so they produce several eggs at once. The stimulation phase of the human egg donation process takes 10 to 14 days. During this time period, you should not plan for any activity, as you are very fertile during this time. To preserve the health of your growing eggs, you may not take contraceptive drugs or many over-the-counter and prescription drugs. We will provide you with a list of medications that are allowable during this treatment.

The last step of becoming an egg donor is the surgery needed to collect the mature eggs from your ovaries. Once you are ready for egg collection, the doctor will direct a thin needle through your vaginal to harvest the eggs. To ensure precise movement, the operation is guided by ultrasound imaging.

This procedure only takes some minutes for completion. Once eggs are collected, you will be then required to take some rest for 2-3 hours.

Follow up after egg collection

The doctors at IVF centre take every step to make sure that both donors are well cared for at every step of the egg donation process. In addition to frequent monitoring and checkups during the synchronization and stimulation procedures, you will be asked to come back to the clinic for a follow-up visit in the week or two after your egg collection.

We proud of all our egg donors. Family’s creation is in God’s hands but helping a couple for their parenthood in our hands. This is the most important journey of life and we are pleased to let the parents know that we are fully ready to assist you with each and every steps. Our donors are fully dedicated to what they are doing for others.